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Fedora 17 Beta “Beefy Miracle” Has Been Released | Download

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Fedora 17 Beefy Miracle Beta is available to download. Almost 100% of the upcoming release Beefy Miracle features process are completed. Fedora 17 Beta brings the latest free and open source softwares. So, let’s check this highlights of this release and Download links.

Since the earlier development release Fedora 17 Alpha, the accepted/proposed features submitted are currently under heavy development and many of them has been completed, the features process are supposed to be finished by 7th of May, 2012 and the next release will be the “release candidate” which will be released on the 8th of May,2012, and the Final release will come out by 22nd of May, 2012.

Highlights of Fedora 17 Beta | What’s New

  • It comes with Gnome 3.4 desktop environment along with the latest gnome applications.
  • The latest release candidate of GIMP 2.8 “GNU Image Manipulation Program” which support “single window mode”, grouping layers and many new features.
  • KDE 4.8 desktop environment plasma and applications.
  • Multitouch support is ready to use, check how to test it using “xinput tool” Here.
  • OpenJDK7 is the default Java runtime and Java build tool set and remove Java 6.
  • Sugar 0.96 support GTK3.
  • Linux kernel 3.3.
  • Ext4 support beyond 16T Support for ext4 filesystems larger than 16T (2^32 blocks).
  • (KDE) Plasma Dependency Generation and PackageKit Integration.
  • Check the full list of Features for Fedora 17 Beefy Miracle.

Download Fedora 17 Beta “Beefy Miracle”


Direct Download

Fedora 17 Release Schedule

2012-02-28    Alpha Release
2012-04-17    Beta Release
2012-05-08    Compose ‘Final’ RC ——>”Next Release”
2012-05-22    Fedora 17 Final Release

To Download Fedora 17 with other Spins, check the official Download Page.

Fedora 17 Beta Release announcement.

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