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Fedora 17 Alpha “Beefy Miracle” Has Been Released | Download

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The first official Alpha for the upcoming release Fedora 17 is available to download. After Jared K. Smith “fedora project leader” announced the name suggestions for the upcoming release fedora 17, many people had participated for suggesting and voting for the codename, and it concluded with the codename “Beefy Miracle” Yummy!!

As usual Fedora always brings the latest development open-source software to its releases, also comes with variety of options depending on the the user usage if the user will use it as an “end user”, “system administrator”, “Developer”, or “Virtualizing purposes”. Fedora 17 Alpha comes with many up to date softwares and several changes to the desktop environments “Fedora Spins”, which has been updated to the latest upstream releases such as Gnome 3.4, KDE 4.8 and Sugar 0.96 desktop.

Highlights changes of Fedora 17 Alpha “Beefy Miracle”

  • Gimp 2.8 development release supports single-window mode, grouping layers and several new features.
  • Gnome 3.4.
  • KDE Plasma Workspace 4.8. including Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, the KDE Applications and the KDE Platform.
  • Kernel 3.2.7.
  • It has been updated to the latest virtualization data center and cloud computing softwares such as “CloudStack, Eucalyptus and OpenNebula”.
  • Improved the Gnome shell software rendering on most hardware, which allows users to use the regular Gnome 3 desktop, not the fallback mode, regardless their hardware or the driver supports GL or not.
  • Moved all ” bin – sbin – lib – lib64″ to /usr to provide a simple way of mounting almost the entire installed operating system read-only, atomically snapshot it, or share it between multiple hosts to save maintenance and space. Instead of spreading RPM package content all over the place in the filesystem, and artificially separate /bin from /usr/bin and /lib from /usr/lib, move all content to /usr and provide only symlinks in the root filesystem.
  • Check the rest of the features for Fedora 17 Alpha.

Download Fedora 17 Alpha “Beefy Miracle”


Direct Link

Fedora 17 Release Schedule

2012-02-28    Alpha Release
2012-04-03    Beta Release
2012-04-24    Compose ‘Final’ RC
2012-05-08    Fedora 17 Final Release

To Download Fedora 17 with other Spins, check the official Download Page.

Fedora 17 Alpha release notesrelease announcement.

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