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Fedora 16 Verne Has Been Released | Release Notes | Download

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Fedora 16 has been released with code name “Verne” named after Jules Gabriel Verne. Verne featuring mostly the latest open-source software technology available. Check what’s new in Fedora 16 and Download options down below.

Fedora 16 Verne comes with Kernel 3.1.0, Gnome 3.2 along with Gnome-Shell user interface for Gnome the default desktop environment on Fedora 16 Desktop edition, KDE desktop environment version 4.7, GRUB 2 boot loader, Hotot blogging client, virtualization improvements, Cloud computing support using aeolus and condor cloud for running many virtual machines through the cloud or creating virtual machines. Also comes with additional gnome applications such as Ease desktop presentation application, gnome-paint simple paint application and more gnome 3.2 applications.

Fedora 16 Verne Release Notes.

Fedora 16 Verne Release announcement.

Download Fedora 16 Verne

Fedora 16 Desktop Live Media CD

For more Download options for Fedora 16 KDE, Xfce, and LXDE click Here.

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