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Fedora 16 Alpha Has Been Released | Release Notes

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Fedora 16 Alpha with code name Verne has been released, introducing the development release of Gnome 3.1, Gnome Shell improvements, GRUB2 system boot, Enhancement virtualization, and more.

Fedora 16 Alpha is a development release. So, it’s not recommended to use in a production machine.

What’s New In Fedora 16 Alpha Verne

Fedora 16 Alpha featuring many system improvements, and latest open source technology currently under development. So, let’s check the key features of Fedora 16 Alpha Verne:

  • GRUB2 system boot loader for automatically recognizes installed operating system.
  • Gnome Shell re-added support for world clock and network manager user interface for Gnome Shell supports using laptops as a hotspot.
  • No desktop folder by default any more, and you still able to configure it later.
  • CPUfreq replaces CPUspeed which allows you to readjust your CPU clock speed on the fly.
  • Desktop environments updates: Gnome 3.1 development release has been updated and getting closer to stable release Gnome 3.2. KDE Software Compilation 4.7 has been updated as well.
  • Improved virtualization by expanding virtual network support, restoring Xen support, improved spice for managing virtual machines, and new virtual machine look manager.
  • Check Fedora 16 Alpha Verne full features list Here.

Download Fedora 16 Alpha Verne

Fedora 16 Alpha Desktop Live Media CD

Fedora 16 Alpha KDE Live Media CD

Fedora 16 Alpha Xfce Live Media CD

Fedora 16 Alpha LXDE Live Media CD

For more Download mirrors Here.
Fedora 16 Alpha Release Notes

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