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ext4 vs ext3 vs NTFS Comparison ” File Systems “

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Basic comparison between ext4 vs ext3 vs NTFS, it will show the benefits of using ext4 file system, all of them supporting journaling file system will talk more about journaling.

ext3 ext4 NTFS
Stand for Third extended file system Fourth extended file system New Technology File System
Original OS Linux Linux Microsoft
Max Volume size 32 TB 1 EB  limited to 16 TB 16 EB “16 TB – 4 KB with various operating system implementations.”
Max file size 16 GB – 2 TB 16 TB 16 EB
Max filename length 254 bytes 256 bytes 255 UTF-16 code units
Journaling Yes Yes Yes


Introduced the stable release 2001 supporting journaling and that help with speed transferring and there are three levels of journaling for ext3 ” lowest, medium, highest ” risk check Here more information about journaling levels. also supporting compression. check wikipedia ext3.


With the stable release of ext4 in 2008, this become one of the best file system out there, Transferring speed is really good, but it’s not depending on the file system itself only also hardware specifications, operating system, Kernel and many more dependencies. check wikipedia ext4.


usually we don’t use ” NTFS ” file system on linux machine but, just in case your doing dual booting with other operating system support NTFS. and fully working on linux using NTFS-3g. check full features wikipedia NTFS.

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