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Element 1.1 Review

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Element 1.1 just released today march 28, 2010

Element is an Ubuntu-based distribution for home theatre or media-centre personal computers featuring a ten-foot user interface and designed to be connected to a HDTV for a digital media and Internet experience within the comforts of a living room or entertainment area. Element comes pre-loaded with dozens of applications that will allow listening to, viewing, and managing music, videos, photos, and Internet media.

Check the release notes and announcement


LinuxNov Review for Element 1.1

Used it on virtual machine “virtual box” as a live session with this hardware specifications

  • single core processor  2.1 Ghz
  • 1 GB of Ram
  • 12 MB of video memory
  • with extended hard driver space in case installed it

Booting time was really good, I didn’t expect a quick booting time for live session, I believe it will be much better if you installed on machine not on virtual machine.

A lot of people are really big fans with media centers applications, this one it awesome it’s using xbmc my favorite media center application, it’s really customizable with a lot of themes and extra plugin follow these links for plugins and scripts for xbmc 1 2 .

xbmc website Follow this link

xbmc skins Follow this link

Versions of most important packages:

linux 2.6.31, glibc 2.10.1, gcc 4.4.1, python 2.6.4, pidgin 2.6.5, gtk+ 2.18.3,  xfce 4.6.1, xbmc 9.11, firefox 3.5.8, transmission 1.83, decibel-audio-player 1.01, vlc 1.0.2, brasero 2.28.2, element-app-finder 1.0

Using Desktop environment Xfce 4.6.1  awesome modifications for the desktop. for easy access for main applications on the distribution itself such as ” firefox, Home directory, VLC, Xbmc, …”

Pros :

It’s Awesome distributions specially for multimedia files, watching many movies with different extensions using xbmc and vlc, and for sure it’s customizable to download extra packages or multimedia applications, “maybe you will need to install extra codecs”

Really liked the Xfce desktop environment with this customizations ” middle dock for main applications”

Awesome booting Time

Cons :

Many windows don’t fit on the screen, maybe cause I am using it on virtual machine with 800X600 resolution

Not all applications are up to date.

Screenshots time :

Please leave your feedback, and enjoy it.

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