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Easier Navigation for Nautilus Gnome 2.30

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It’s quite easier to use keyboard instead of the mouse sometimes, some changes comes up with the new release of Gnome GDM 2.30 for Nautilus. we already reviewed how to move “close, minimize, and maximize” button to right hand side of the title bar in this post. This tested on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, also it’s working on other platforms as long as the gnome GDM 2.30 installed.

So here you can find many shortcuts will help you to easily navigate and use your file browser.

F3 : Extra pane    ” This options is new with Gnome 2.30 ”

Ctrl+S : Select Pattern [enter pattern]

Alt+ENTER : File/Folder Properties

Shift+Ctrl+N : Create New Folder

Ctrl+1 : Toggle View As Icons

Ctrl+2 : Toggle View As List

Shift+Right Arrow : Open Directory (List View)

Shift+Left Arrow : Close Directory (List View)

F2 : Rename File

Ctrl+A : Select All

Ctrl+T : Delete (to Trash)

Ctrl+W : Close Window

Ctrl+Shift+W : Close All Nautilus Windows

Ctrl+R : Reload Nautilus Window

Alt+Up Arrow : Open Parent

Alt+Left Arrow : Back

Alt+Right Arrow : Forward

Alt+Home : Home Folder

Ctrl+L : Location Bar

F9 : Toggle Sidepane

Ctrl+H : Show Hidden Files

Ctrl++ : Zoom In

Ctrl+- : Zoom Out

Ctrl+0 : Normal Size

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