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Dreamlinux 5.0 Has Been Released | What’s New | Download

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After a long development cycle for Dreamlinux 4.0, the Dreamlinux developer team decided to discontinued the release of Dreamlinux 4.0 And Today the Dreamlinux developers pleased to announce the new Dreamlinux 5.0 after a long absence since the last stable release Dreamlinux 3.5. Dreamlinux is a debian based distribution which specializes in multimedia support. So, let’s check what’s new in Dreamlinux 5.0 and Download options.

What’s New In Dreamlinux 5.0

  • Dreamlinux 5. 0 comes with Xfce 4.8 desktop with quite similar look to MAC OS X user interface.
  • Ruby Lua, Vala, C, C++, Python and Perl Programming Environments, plus common development libraries already in-place, for immediate use.
  • Dreamlinux based on Debian 7 Wheezy development release with Linux Kernel 3.1.
  • It comes with many server and network applications such as Apache2, PHP5, MySQL, Samba, Netatalk, TorrentFlux, SSH, Bluetooth, Network-Manager, Avahi-Daemon (Bonjour), Preload, Fancontrol, Cpufreqd.
  • Also includes many pre-installed applications for different usage such as:
    1. Chromium web browser.
    2. Audio, video codec for playing many multimedia formats,
    3. SoftMaker office suite Textmaker, Planmaker and Presentations.
    4. Graphics editors “Gimp and InkScape“, along with shotwell photo manager and FoxitReader PDF reader application.
  • Dreamlinux 5.0 offers new installer called FlexiBoot which allows you to easily install Dreamlinux 5.0 in USB external hard drive and use it any where, or install it in your internal hard drive.
  • MKDistro is a simple utility allows you to build your own customized Dreamlinux and Debian based distribution.

Download Dreamlinux 5.0

956 MB iso image. and Dreamlinux 5.0 md5sum.

For more download mirrors, check the new Dreamlinux official website.

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