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DigiKam 5.9.0 Image Organizer Has Been Released | What to Expect in DigiKam 6.0.0

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DigiKam is a free and open source image organizer and manager for Linux, MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows. DigiKam 5.9 has been released with new minor changes and bug fixes. Check the recent bug fixes and Download DigiKam 5.9 down below.

DigiKam 5.9 release brought some minor changes for XMP sidecar files support that would be fully functional in the upcoming main release DigiKam 6.0.0. Mysql support has also receive fixes about database schema migration which can introduce errors while converting old database files generated with DigiKam 4.x.

Face Management have been also fixed with some special workflow cases, but lead works still in pending queue for this summer especially to introduce the new facial recognition algorithms.


The upcoming major release DigiKam 6.0.0 seems to be very promising since it is going to include a full support of video files management working as photo, a huge factoring of code and less external dependencies to simplify application compilation, packaging, and maintenance for the next years.

Download DigiKam 5.9.0

Check the full list of bug fixes and changes in the recent release DigiKam 5.9.0.

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