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De/compression Files

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Compression and Decompression operation really easy to do with GUI application but some times you want to pack or unpack files. this operation I believe it much more easier sometimes with terminal than using GUI application. and I will show how easy to do it now.

Using file called : “Nov” with different compression extensions


1. “.bz2”

bunzip2 nov.bz2

2. “.zip”


3. “.lha”

lha e nov.lha

4. “.tar.gz” or “.tgz”

tar -zxvf nov.tar.gz

tar -zxvf nov.tgz

5. “.gz” or “.z”

gunzip nov.gz

gunzip nov.z

6. “tar.z”

uncompress nov.tar.z        use this command if you used “compress’ command to compress this file

7. “.tar”

tar xvf nov.tar

8. “.zip”

compress to files into one file called

zip nov1 nov2

nov1 and nov2 are files will be compressed into

That’s it for now. 🙂

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