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Configurations for FluxBox window manager ” 6 Steps “

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FluxBox window manager is really simple window manager even the configuration for it really easy and you can do more to get the best performance and better looking desktop using a lightweight desktop and that what FluxBox can give.

we already make a post for ” [How To]: install FluxBox window manager on ubuntu 10.04 LTS ” in Here.

First go to fluxbox main menu you will find configuration you will find a lot of options there we will explain it one by one with a quick 6 steps.

1. Focus Model

you can select window by just moving the pointer to it or select the window by your self, become handy some times if you want just to preview the active window in the background.

2. Maximize Options

modifying the full maximizing options, disabling/enabling moving and resizing windows

3. Tab Options

you can control the placement for window’s tabs around the window, integrating the tab within titlebar itself without getting it outside, you can show pictures for this tab or not, and customizing the tab size.

4. Transparency

Control the the transparent for windows even active windows or windows on the background.

5. Slit

slit is almost about adding extra dock applications or in another name toolbar apps, to be integrated with the toolbar itself. and it ‘s fully customizable with slit options for moving it and the size of the dock apps, auto hiding it, even assign it to specific client.

6. Toolbar

You will find a lot of options to customize the toolbar as you wish for changing the width, auto hide it, changing the layers, changing the placement for the whole toolbar in the desktop, and changing the clock, the ordering for the clock and date.

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