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Conboy Note Application For Maemo 5 Synchronize with Ubuntu One

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Few days ago talked about Tomboy Note Application, and how awesome this application for taking notes Here. It’s now even better with Conboy note application to take notes with your mobile device working with Maemo Operating system.

If you been familiar with Tomboy note application on any linux distribution, i am 100% sure you will love conboy too. Overall both of them looks the same and both of them has many common features.

Conboy has many great features such as read and write Tomboy notes, changing text formate for notes, search for all text on all notes, create automatic bullet listing, Linking to other notes ” same as Hyperlinks on Tomboy “, zooming text, even more . …..

One of the greatest features on Conboy is Synchronizing with Ubuntu One or with Snowy. you won’t need any more to look where is my notes. you will have it everywhere on your Mobile, Desktop, …..

check this quick Review for Conboy on Nokia N900


Conboy For Maemo 5 Nokia N900, N810, N800 Here

For More information Here

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