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Complete Guide For Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts In Ubuntu 11.04 Unity User Interface

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Let’s speed up the daily usage for Ubuntu 11.04 using Unity interface with some tips & tricks for Keyboard shortcuts and mouse tricks. These shortcuts definitely will make your daily usage In Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity Interface easier and will save a lot of time in many ways.

These shortcuts available on a wallpaper with more informations.

[tip]Try to keep this wallpaper as your default wallpaper for a while till you get used to this shortcuts[/tip]

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Applications, Files and Folders Launcher.
  • Unity Dash and Running Command.
  • Panel.
  • Windows Management ” Spread mode, Minimize all windows “.
  • Windows placement ” Become really handy for tiling windows on the desktop “.
  • Workspaces Managements ” Switching between workspaces, move running windows to different workspaces “.
  • Taking screenshots ” screenshot for full screen, screen shot for specific window “.

Mouse Tricks

  • Launcher ” Adding new icons to the launcher by dragging the icon to the launcher, also hold icons to rearrange icons on the launcher “.
  • Window Managements ” Maximizing, minimizing, tiling┬ávertically on right or left side of the screen “.

Send me the wallpaper source informations if possible.

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