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Common Problems with Linux First use

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Hello guys,

This is your first time you use any linux Distribution “Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, ….”
Some users have a lot of problems when they just starting to use any distributions, beginning with hardware problems, Drivers, Booting, dual Booting, Grub, package dependencies, NTFS mounting for removable hard driver, Graphics card “Nvidia, ATI”, resolutions,………………

so here will mention quickest resources it might help you out with those problems.

1. Display Resolution.

This is really common problem with most old machines, first time you use this distribution even it’s a live session or installed version, maybe you will find you display resolution is 640X400
with this resolution will be really difficult to use.

How to fix it?

  • Installing your graphics card driver. “Nvidia, ATI
  • Modifying “xorg.conf” this helps if you want to use dual screens, CRT Display, LCD, for editing resolution
EX.   Section "Monitor"
	Identifier "Monitor0"
	VendorName ""
	ModelName ""
	HorizSync 30 - 70
	VertRefresh 50 - 160
        Modeline "1024x768_75.00"   82.00  1024 1088 -hsync +vsync

2. Grub , Dual boot

this is one of the most common problem happen after installing Linux distribution specially with users already using windows operating system or other operating system on the same machine.

usually using grub version 0.97 , but with the new release grub version 1.97 beta faced a lot of problem, then stable version 1.98 working really good with new features for customization. much more multi booting option.


  • Dual Boot, disappear older operating system already installed after installing new distribution
  • Modifying menu timer for auto select
  • visual customization for the grub

How to fix it?

Grub documentations and wiki are really useful. and really easy to use  Here

3. Mounting point, NTFS, FAT, Removable media, Fstab

“Understanding Fstab” post Thanks to bodhi.zazen

This is really useful post, I believe it cover all point about Mounting point, removable media, mounting for NTFS, FAT.

That’s it for now.


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