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Command Line | System Informations

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It’s really important to know your machine hardware and software specifications to be able to install suitable packages for your machine, also if you had a problem that will help you to easily diagnose the problem. So here will show few command lines will help you to know your mahcine hardware specifications and software too.

uname Command

Usually i use uname command because it almost shows every thing about installed system like currently compiled kernel version, distribution release, CPU architecture type, compiling time and date. even more

Uname command includes all this commands ” uname -s, uname -v, uname -r, uname -i, uname -p, uname -n, uname -m ”

and uname -a

Last one shows informations for all uname command lines ” kernel version, processor architecture, distribution version, installation time and date ”┬áseparated┬áby space

$ uname -a
Linux LinuxNov #1 SMP Fri Oct 22 15:34:36 UTC 2010 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

lspci Command

lspci shows many informations about currently plugged in pci drivers, also able to show kernel driver which handle each pci driver plugged into your machine.


to show more informations about lspci commands

lspci -h

also to show installed software version simply type

software name -v



uname documentations Here.

lspci documentations Here.

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