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Clementine Music player 0.6 Released | What’s New

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Clementine Music player is inspired by amarok 1.4 KDE music player. Clementine user interface is really good to easily show many items at the same time like easily modify or organize your music libraries to along with lyrics and informations if available. also listen to music directly from many free music provider like lastfm, jamendo, Magnatune, somefm, and icecast. Support many audio file formats also support transcoding to different files formats like Ogg, MP3, WMA, MP4, WAV and spx. Support copying music form IPhone, Ipad, and mass storage.

Support multiplatform Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft windows.

What’s new in Clementine 0.6 Music Player?

1. Informations tab including more informations about currently played files if available searching on many sources wiki, biographies, lyrics.

2. Adding a dynamic playlists to easily switch between them and organize music files as you wish.

3. Support Jamendo now on internet tab.

4. Disable screensaver when visualisations active.

5. Editing file tag from library pane.

check full changelog for Clementine 0.6 Here.

Download Clementine 0.6

Many download options for ” Ubuntu 10.10, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Fedora, Debian, Mac OS X, Windows ”  32/64 bit On official website Here.


Clementine Here.

Copy files to portable devices Here.

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