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Cleaning Ubuntu : 8 apps to clean Ubuntu from orphan packages and unnecessary files

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Many Ubuntu  new users complain about uncompleted removed software , as many of them are looking for softwares which can make this job easily as they are not fans of the old classic command-line way .

Cleaning up Ubuntu , is necessary to remove the orphan packages which are result of incomplete removal of the package , configurations ,  Cache .

There are some very helpful applications which can help you keeping your Ubuntu installation clean .

1 – UbuntuTweak :
My favorite application for tweaking Ubuntu it also provide cleaning tool for removing orphan packages , clearing cache , configurations , and most importantly cleaning Kernel .

2 – GtkOrphan :
Small but effective graphical tool to use  remove orphaned libraries . It also provide control for Non-orphaned packages .

3 – Computer Janitor :
Small lightweight app to  find and remove unused software packages , as it provide selection of recommended list of packages and configuration tips .

4 – KleanSweep :
Very useful and helpful application provides many features to clean up   Ubuntu installation and the hard disk from empty files , empty files , backup files , broken symbolic links , broken executables , dead menu entries , duplicate files , orphan packages , and obsolete thumbnails .

5 – Sweeper :
Cleans the system from unwanted files as web browsing cache , saved clipboard contents , recent documents , Thumbnails cache .

6 – FSlint (FileSystem Lint) :
it is a tool for removing duplicates from Ubuntu , it looks for duplicate files , installed packages ,  bad name clashes , temporary files , broken symbolic links , empty directories .

7 –  BleachBit :
Is a small very useful system tool to clean up the system from unnecessary files .  The most important feature is cleaning the system from software temporary and cache files such as adobe reader , Firefox , Java , OpenOffice , Opera , and many other application .

8- Debian Package Search :

It searches the installed debian packages and provides information about the packages as well as it look-up for the orphan packages .

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