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Change The Position of Plank Dock in Elementary OS Luna

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Elementary OS Luna developed a graphical user interface for controlling some features of Plank Dock “Pantheon Dock” such as Dock Icon size, hide mode and Plank Dock themes. But, it does not include an option to change the position of the Plank Dock on your Monitor, So, here is a quick tutorial for change it.

If you have Plank dock installed on other Linux distributions such as Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail or Linux Mint 15, you can use the following steps for changing the Plank Dock location as well.


We will need modify the settings file for Plank Dock from this path, you can use the graphical user interface or the terminal for opening this path.

using Terminal, no root required.

[cc lang=”c”]

nano .config/plank/dock1/settings

In line number 18 you will find this

[cc lang=”c”]


This is the default position for the Plank Dock. So, to change its position, replace this number with as following.

Number Position
0 Left Side of the Monitor
1 Right Side of the Monitor
2 Top Side of the Monitor
3 Bottom Side of the Monitor “Default”

Press “Ctrl + x” to close “nano” text editor and press “y” to save the file with the same name. And changes will take effect immediately. If the position of the Dock didn’t change you might need to restart the Plank dock.

Also, Plank Dock settings file includes some other options such as

  • keep the Dock in the current workspace “Line 6”.
  • Unhide delay time “Line 12”.
  • Which monitor you want to keep the dock on it “Line 14”.
  • The dock’s position offset from center “Line 20”.
  • The alignment for the dock on the monitor’s edge “Line 24”.
  • The alignment of the items in this dock “Line 26”.

Elementary OS Luna Review.

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