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Capture Your Screen and Upload Screenshots to Ubuntu One and Dropbox Using ScreenCloud

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Screen capturing and sharing has never been easier using ScreenCloud application. ScreenCloud supports uploading screenshots to many cloud services such as Ubuntu One and Dropbox. Check the rest of ScreenCloud features and installation instructions down below.ScreenCloud Features

  • ScreenCloud software works on Linux, MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows.
  • It supports some screen capture methods such as “capture full screen, capture active window, and selection capture”.
  • It supports automatically saving to local storage, FTP, SFTP, and some of the popular clouding systems such as “Ubuntu One, Dropbox, and Imgur”.
  • Screen capture is possible using Keyboard shortcuts.
    • Capture full Screen ” Shift+Alt+1 “.
    • Capture Selection ” Shift+Alt+2″.
    • Capture Active Window ” Shift+Alt+3 “.
  • Automatically copying captured screen link to the clipboard for easier sharing.
  • It supports screen capture with PNG and JPG formats.
  • Setup a delay time for screen capture.

Screenshot from 2013-01-30 14:02:31

ScreenCloud Video Demonstration

Install ScreenCloud On Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal

Download ScreenCloud 1.1.0 32bit DEB package

Download ScreenCloud 1.1.0 64bit DEB package

Check Download page for for other operating systems and Linux distribution such as “Fedora, Linux Mint, and Arch”.


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