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Calibre 3.26.1 EBook Manager Fix PDF files Conversions and Brings Faster loading of HTML files

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Calibre is a free and open source E-Book manager for cross platforms. The development team announced the new maintenance release Calibre 3.26.1. It brings several bugs fixes and some new features for managing book listing and book editor as well. Check the key features, the recent bug fixes and installation instructions down below.

Calibre is one of the most advanced and well maintained e-book manager support many ebook file formats. Transferring e-books library from many of currently commercial e-Book readers with wired connection or wireless connection. It support fetching news feed and magazines from multiple major sources. Editing e-books with different file formats and many more Check Calibre features.


What’s new in Calibre 3.26.1

The new maintenance release Calibre 3.26.1 comes with some new features. Book listing has been improved by supporting drag and drop of books to another book to merge books records. External link checker for books improved. E-book editor introduces a new preview panel for showing when you editing SVG files. Downloading external resources to fetch files from URLs and convert it to files. Additional user interface improvement which shows the progress “number of the page” in the window title of the application when the controls are hidden.

Fixed a conversion regression of PDF filesĀ  to EPUB files which leads to bad result of conversion. Fixed loading time for HTML files on Linux distributions. Beautify all files tool fixed beautify issue with SVG files. Fixed searching on selecting for SVG files. A new news source has been added “El Cronista” and improved some of the currently available news sources such asĀ Slate, New York Times Book Review, The Independent UK, NYTimes Tech Beat, New York Times, and Check the full list of changes of Calibre 3.26.1.

Install Calibre 3.26.1 on Linux

Binary installation is one-line straight forward installation method will do all the hard work for you. Open Terminal and run the following command.

sudo -v && wget -nv -O- | sudo sh /dev/stdin

If you had a problem with this method you could further details and installation instructions from the source for Linux distributions from Here.

Download Calibre 3.26.1 | Download Page

Download page includes packages for Linux, MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows and even Portable USB option.

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