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Calibre 3.19 Supports PocketBook 740 Ereader

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Calibre is a free and open source EBook manager for Linux, MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows. Calibre team has announced the new release Calibre 3.19. The New release brought a quick support for the recently released PocketBook 740 Ereader.

Calibre is a well managed EBook manager allows you to organize your EBook collections, edit EBooks with various types of formats, connecting to Ereader devices using wired and wireless connection, sharing and backing up your entire library, check the latest news and magazines from several news sources, and more.

PocketBook 740 Ereader - Calibre

The recent release Calibre 3.19 brought support to the new Ukrainian Ereader PocketBook 740 along with some new functionalities to it such as Virtual library button to any toolbar/menu via Preferences –>Toolbars & menus, and Allow using relative URLs in comments type metadata, and for the Edit book: Reports: it Does not show characters from the HTML markup in the characters report. Also, a new news source has been added which is Granta along with some improvements to the current news sources such as WirtschaftsWoche and Spektrum. Check the recent of bug fixes and improvements Here.

Download Calibre 3.19 EBook Manager

Download page for Calibre EBook Manager includes several Download options for Linux, MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows.
For Linux distributions. The installation is quite straightforward process. Use the Binary install method and it will fetch the packages and do the install for you.

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