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Blender 2.70 Brings Faster Rendering |Test Build Is Available To Download

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Blender is a free and open source 3D animation suite runs on Linux, MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows. The development team has released Blender 2.70 test builds for testing purposes and to report any bugs to avoid it in the upcoming stable release. Check the what’s new in Blender 2.70 and release notes down below.


What’s New in Blender 2.70 | Main Features

  • Support for volumetrics in Cycles.
  • Faster rendering of hair and textures.
  • Motion tracker now supports weighted tracks and has improved planar tracking.
  • Mesh modeling brings a new Laplacian deform and wireframe modifiers, along with more control in the bevel tool.
  • The game engine now supports object levels of detail.
  • Improved user interface which brings an organized toolbar tabs and header menus.
  • Many new keyboard shortcuts for easier rotation controls and colors selections.

Blender Developer Sneak Peek #6 – Laplacian Deform & Plane Tracking | Blender 2.70 Video

Demo of image preview in the Plane Track |Blender 2.70 Video

Download Blender 2.70 Test Builds

Blender 2.70 Linux-i686 Here.

Blender 2.70 Linux-x86_64 Here.

For downloading the test builds for MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows, check the download page.

Giving back to the community by reporting any issues/bugs with this release. So, the developers could fix it with upcoming release.

Blender 2.70 “Release Notes”.

Test Build Announcement.

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