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Best 10 Mail Clients For Multi Platform

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common way to get access to your e-mail and download mail to be able to get access to it later even offline in this post will show 10 mail clients working on many platform and distributions. many of those clients is fully customized with plugins for easier navigations for your mail client and getting more feature.

1. RoundCube

Browser based IMAP client really simple interface fully installed on servers like LAMPP. check the full features, and Download options

Installation Guide and HOW TO

  • Instructions on how to download and install Roundcube can be found in our Wiki.
  • Here’s another HOWTO regarding the installation of the SVN version on FreeBSD at written by Phil.
  • There’s also a Spanish version of Phil’s guide written by Daniel A. Rodriguez.
  • 2. Opera Mail

    Simple mail client built into web browser for opera browser. check starting guide and Download options for many linux distributions with different packages Here

    3. Mozilla Thunderbid

    One of the most popular mail client developed by Mozilla, comes with a lot of features for customizations adding extra add-ons for getting more features and taking control of your mails. and with the last release Thunderbird 3 comes a lot of features, working on cross platform check the Download options

    4. Evolution

    Mail clients by Gnome, usually used to use it on Ubuntu really simple interface with many features even getting more with extra plugins.

    Download Evolutions and Plugins

    5. Mutt

    Text based email client for unix operating system, check Mutt’s features, and Download Mutt, also check Newbie guide for mutt

    6. Kontact

    The components of KDE Kontact are tailored to work well with each other. This results in features like intuitive drag-and-drop between appointment handling, task lists and contacts. KDE Kontact supports various groupware servers. When using these servers your workgroup has access to features like shared email folders, group task lists, calendar sharing, central addressbooks and meeting scheduling.

    Check here for more information

    7. Spicebird

    Based on Thunderbird mail client supporting mails client, instant messenger and more features, check th Download options

    8. Sylpheed

    Lightweight email client with many features, Sylpheed provides intuitive user-interface. Sylpheed is also designed for keyboard-oriented operation, so Sylpheed can be widely used from beginners to power users. Download Sylpheed

    9. Balsa

    Balsa is an e-mail client for GNOME desktop, highly configurable and incorporating all the features you would expect in a robust mail client. Download Balsa

    10. SeaMonkey

    it’s all in one internet suit, but it include email client, many features included with extra add ons for it. check here for more information and download options.


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