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Benchmark platforms with Phoronix Test Suite

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Phoronix it’s a cool way to benchmark and test your system, with a lot of different testing suites, also this applications is opensource licensed under the GNU GPLv3.

Different testing suites such as ” disk suite, disk SSD testing, encoding, GUI testing, Ioquake3 game engine testing, software gaming, Database testing, Darwin, Gaming benchmarking, ¬†…….. ”

  1. 130+ Test Profiles
  2. 60+ Test Suites
  3. Extensible Testing Architecture
  4. Optional Linux-based LiveDVD/USB Testing Distribution (PTS Desktop Live)
  5. Automated Test Installation
  6. Dependency Management Support
  7. Module-based Plug-In Architecture
  8. PNG, JPG, GIF, Adobe SWF, SVG Graph Rendering Support
  9. Automated Batch Mode Support
  10. Global Database For Result Uploads, Benchmark Comparisons
  11. Detailed Software, Hardware Detection
  12. System Monitoring Support
  13. GTK2 Graphical User Interface + Command-Line Interface

You can get a great benchmark comparison between different operating system with same hardware specifications, and able to make side by side comparisons. Phoronix working on many platforms ” Linux, Mac OS X, windows 7, BSD, Open Solaris ”

System logs able to¬†achieve system log such as “Xorg.0.log, Ispci, dmesg,… ”

For more information about The Phoronix Test Suite Follow this link , and this application available on ubuntu software center and you can download it from here also for different distributions.

That’s it for now.

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