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Audacious 2.4.0 Released – GTK2 Audio Player

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Audacious is a lightweight audio player based on GTK2, Audacious 2.4.0 with GTKUI as default also it’s changeable with many alternative interfaces available for Audacious.

New GTKUI interface and new visualizer for blue scope plugin it’s all now embed inside GTKUI.

Audacious Features

Download Audacious 2.4.0

Ubuntu, Debian, Sidux, Mepis, Xandros

apt-get install audacious

Fedora, CentOS

yum install audacious


emerge media-sound/audacious

How To install Audacious 2.4 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ” PPA “

Ubuntu 10.04 Repository

deb lucid main

deb-src lucid main

then open terminal and type

sudo apt-get install audacious

Check more Download options for Audacious’s plugins Here.

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