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aTunes 2.1.0 Audio Player Has Been Released | Changelog | Download

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aTunes is a free audio player works on cross-platform “Linux, MAC OS X, and Microsoft Windows” supports many audio formats. aTunes 2.1.0 includes bug fixes and many enhancements.

aTunes 2.1.0 Changelog Highlights

  • UI: Removed line border from titled borders.
  • New lyric engine: LyrDB (
  • Visual improvements.
  • Player controls panel redesigned.
  • Removed AudioObjectPropertiesPanel.
  • Plugins disabled by default (use “enable-plugins” argument to enable).
  • Repository saved immediately after a change.
  • New splash screen.
  • Drag-N-Drop Improvement [ patch by deathgorepain ].
  • FIX: Changes to fit progress bar completely at bottom of player controls panel.
  • FIX: Avoid workarounds to set maximixed state in Linux.
  • check the rest of the aTunes 2.1.0 changelog.



Download aTunes 2.1.0

Download DEB package for Ubuntu/Debian and other derivatives aTunes 2.1.0.

Cross-platform Java installer aTunes 2.1.0.

For more Download options Here.

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