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[Artwork]: 10 Ksplash Screen Themes For KDE 4.x

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A great Ksplash theme collection for KDE 4.x featuring many Linux distributions. Innovative themes designed to be suitable to many users who would like to customize the default Ksplash theme.

Here is a quick Tutorial shows how to install Ksplash Themes.

Caledonia KSplash Theme

Download Caledonia KSplash Theme

Glowing Progress Ksplash Theme

Download Glowing Progress Ksplash Theme

Fedora Ultra KSplash Theme

Download Fedora Ultra KSplash Theme

TrueNature KSplash Theme

Download TrueNature KSplash Theme

Fedora Ksplash Theme

Download Fedora Ksplash Theme

Simple Arch Ksplash Theme

Download Simple Arch Ksplash Theme

Sleek Ksplash Theme

Download Sleek Ksplash Theme

Strips Ksplash Theme

Download Strips Ksplash Theme

Aptosid aptosplash Kspalsh Theme

Download Aptosid Ksplash Theme

Simple Chakra Ksplash Theme

Download Simple Chakra Ksplash Theme

KStarboard Ksplash Theme

Download KStarboard Ksplash Theme Thanks to Kichi for sharing KStarboard Ksplash Theme along with KDM KStarboard theme as well in the first post.

Post updated 26-9-2011

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