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Animal Shelter Manager Free Open Source Medical Application

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Animal shelter Manager is a great application to manage veterinary clinics, can save medical status, treatments, animal diary, reports, adoptions, animal medical history. Indexing animals with different species, sex, type, size, breed, and date of birth.

If you have connected to network on your work place and you want to share medical reports and animals details between many users it possible to do that.

Also you can add comments and notes about animals for medical updates, notes, and extra comment available to add by the owner.

This application is a great choice for veterinary clinics, pet medication clinics, websites for buying and selling pets online or through pet shop for supplies.

Publishing Animal on many different website,, and many more (including Facebook) through

Animal shelter Manager support many platforms ” Linux, Unix, MacOSX, Windows ”

Download Animal Shelter Manager ASM:

Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, any distribution including APT Here.

Fedora, Centos, Mandrake, Suse, any distribution with RPM manager Here.

BSD, Unix, Solaris Here.

MacOSX Here.

Windows Here.

if you have Java installed you can run Animal shelter Manager directly form Java webstart Here.

More Download Options Here.

Animal Shelter Manager Manual.

Animal Shelter Manager “ASM” Website.


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