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Advanced Backup/Sync Tool ” LuckyBackup “

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LuckyBackup is Great backup and synchronization tool for your files and directories working on many linux distributions.

LuckyBackup including simple and advanced backup features for synchronizing you backup files to keep them up to date with the original files, it possible to connect using remote host using source or destinations, schedule backup for each added profile added.

Exclude feature is a great way to keep the output backup destinations folder with out any extra unneeded files or folders such as ” Temp files, mounted folders, cash folders, trash ,… ” , also you can include other exclude option by using ” user defined “.

Executing feature allow you to execute commands before or after the backup operations.

LuckyBackup Screenshots:

Download LuckyBackup:

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS   AMD64i386LunchPad ” upgraded is not included yet “

Fedora 13   i386x86_64

Opensuse 11.3  i586x86_64

Debian  i386amd64

Download Source Here

Extra Download options for other distributions Here.

Full Features Page Here.

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