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Adobe Flash Player Reach End of Life By 2020 and HTML5 Usage is Growing Over time

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It’s been more than 20 years since Adobe firstly announced Adobe Flash Player. Now Adobe announced that Adobe Flash Player will reach the end of life by the end of 2020 until the major partners and customers who are relying on using Adobe Flash player complete their migration plans to other standards.

HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly open standards are evolved over time and becoming a suitable replacement for Adobe Flash Player on many popular web browsers. Many users are no longer using Adobe Flash player to watch videos over video streaming services and play games. However, Adobe will continue providing security patches and updates for maintaining a secure platform for users who still use it on Linux, MAC OS X and Microsoft Windows. According to analysis for using flash contents on web browser since 2014 it was around 80 percent and now it has reached 16 percent and continues to decline after the migrations to alternative web technologies.

With the recent benchmarks for web browsers which support HTML5 and WebGL For Mozilla Firefox browsers, there are significant improvements performance-wise and reduction of the amount of CPU and memory usage in comparing to web browsers using Adobe Flash player. Other web browsers such as Google Chrome/Chromium, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Safari has been improved over time with the support of HTML5. For many reasons, Adobe is encouraging content creators to migrate their contents to open formats instead of Using Adobe Flash player.

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