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Adobe Flash Player 11 Beta 2 Has Been Released | Linux Installation Instructions

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Second Beta release of Adobe Flash player 11 has been released, Adobe Flash player 11 Beta 2 provides better performance and more stability in Linux platform.

Few weeks ago the Adobe Flash Player 11 Beta 1 released and we seen the release notes, new features added lately to Flash Player 11 and installation instructions Here.

Today we going to take a look at the new Flash Player 11 Beta 2 ” 11.0.d1.98 ” release notes, and installations instructions on Linux Platform. so let’s get to it,

Adobe Flash Player 11 Beta 2 brings more stability, native support for 64bit operating system and web browsers including Linux platform, TLS secure sockets support provides secure connection between server and client. H.264/AVC Software Encoding for Camera for streaming high quality from your computer or camera with higher compression efficiency. Stage3D Accelerated Graphics Rendering “Molehill” is a new architecture for hardware graphics rendering Create highly interactive visuals to improve collaboration on 3-dimensional models. Check Adobe Flash Player 11 Beta 2 release notes for further information Here “.pdf“.

Adobe Flash Player 11 Beta Key Features

  • Stage3D APIs — Deliver cutting edge three dimensional experiences on the desktop.
  • Native 64-bit support — Support for 64-bit operating systems and browsers on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.
  • G.711 audio compression for telephony — Integrate real-time voice and telephony capabilities into business apps and integrate with existing phone systems using the G.711 codec.
  • H.264/AVC SW Encoding — Create apps that encode higher quality video locally using the efficient H.264 video standard.
  • Socket Progress Events — Improve management of data transfer, track progress, and provide responsive feedback in apps send large amounts of data.
  • JPEG-XR support — Take advantage of support for the advanced JPEG-XR image compression format to deliver higher quality images with less bandwidth, and leverage lossy and lossless compression with alpha channel transparency.

Here’re couple screenshots after installing Adobe Flash Player on Chromium web browser.

Played a random  1080p video on Youtube the video works charming, overall there’re nothing I noticed extraordinary with the new version works fine, stable and no crashes so far. If I had the chance, I will make a benchmarking for the new release of adobe flash player beta 2.

Install Adobe Flash Player 11 on Linux

I installed it on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal but the installation process for almost are the same for different Linux distributions.

Download suitable architecture for your system 32bit64bit. for more Download options Here.

Extract tar.gz file then copy to this directory



Mozilla Firefox


So, that’s it for now, Please leave your feedback about the new release of Adobe Flash Player 11 Beta 2.

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