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Add StatusNet Desktop To Message Menu Indicator Applet

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If you are a StatusNet user or user you will like to try StatusNet Desktop application, with StatusNet Desktop you can easily check your friends notices, replays, your inbox, personal time line, search on public time line, and connecting multiple accounts for or

Download StatusNet Desktop Here.

After installing StatusNet Desktop I couldn’t find launching icon on application menu or any where, only way to launch to open installation directory run same installation icon, it was really annoying that every time I want to run it I have to go there.

So I made a lunching icon for StatusNet Desktop, added it to Message Menu Indicator Applet and icon on Gnome Menu ” Applications>Internet “.

Message Menu Indicator Applet

Step 1: Create Icon Launcher ” StatusNet “

[cc lang=”php]

[Desktop Entry]



Comment=StatusNet Desktop

GenericName=StatusNet Desktop

Exec=”according to your installation directory”




Icon=”Icon Location”



change Exec value with original launcher icon for example ” /home/your user name/Downloads/Identi/StatusNetDesktop ” without quotes,¬†Icon value as well. Then save the file with this extension ” statusnet.desktop ”

Step 2: Adding Icon

You can directly add icon location to text file up there, or right click on this file select properties from popup menu, and change icon with any icon you have. For me i picked original Icon on resources folder on StatusNet installer directory.

Step 3:

Open a new document file and add the new launcher path location and save it to this directory ” /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications ” you will need administration¬†privilege.

the should look like this one

/launcher location/statusnet.desktop

Note: Save the file with any name as you wish for me I named it ” identi ” That name will show on the Message menu.

Step 4:

Log out, Next time you login it should be available on Message Menu.

That’s it for adding StatusNet to Message Menu indicator applet.

Add StatusNet to Application menu

Open System>Preferences>Main Menu

and simply drag and drop it to any location you want.

or you can use add a new item button and browse the location of the icon launcher.

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