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A Quick Look At Fedora 22 “XFCE” | What’s New

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As always, Fedora brings an alternative desktop environments to the main new workstation release with Gnome 3 desktop environment. Today, we are looking at the new Fedora 22 with “XFCE” desktop environment. So, lets check what’s new in Fedora 22 “XFCE”!


XFCE is one of the lightweight desktop environments available. it takes the minimum amount of CPU and memory usage, so, it keeps the system running smoothly. XFCE is built using GTK2. However, you still can run GTK3 applications on the latest XFCE 4.12, thanks to GTK3 plugins recently added to XFCE. It comes pre-loaded with several applications most of desktop environment comes with such as file manager, applications manager, desktop manager, panel “dock included as quick application launcher”, window manager, ..etc.


In an effort to make Fedora a better operating system, the developers working in Fedora always brings the latest free and open-source software. Fedora 22 comes with kernel 4.0.0, improved anaconda installer, XFCE version 4.12 for XFCE “Spin”. A Highdpi theme for XFCE which brings high pixel intensity for high resolution with high DPI displays. XFCE 4 panel “including the panel” are extensible and supports auto hiding thanks to GTK3 plugins. Also, it comes with a new wallpaper settings, which supports a different wallpaper per workspace option and a better handling for multi-monitor. Thunar file manager now support running multiple tabs in the same window. Check the visual tour for XFCE 4.12 for more information.


Fedora 22 “XFCE” comes with midori 0.5.10 a lightweight web browser, Leafpad text editor, xarchiver 0.5.2 archive manager, Xfburn 0.5.4 a graphical user interface CD/DVD burner, Geany 1.24.1 a lightweight IDE, ristretto 0.8.0 image viewer, Claws Mail 3.11.1 a lightweight email client, Pidgin 2.10.11-12 instant messaging client, Transmission 2.84 Bittorrent client, Pragha Music Player 1.2.2, parole 0.8.0 video player, Abiword 3.0.1 word processor, Gnumeric Spreadsheet 1.12.20, Thunar 1.6.10 file manager, and Xfdashboard which we will have a closer look at it down below. These are the most notable application changes in Fedora 22 “XFCE”.

Xfdashboard in Fedora 22 “XFCE”





Xfdashboard is a quit similar to GNOME Shell desktop interface for GNOME 3. By using Xfdashboard looks visually appealing and user friendly with a lightweight user experience. It supports showing currently running application windows, move windows between workspaces, search for applications from the xfdashboard. Also, you can add multiple applications to the sidebar of the dashboard to easily launch it later by simple drag and drop it from the application menu.

Xfdashboard Settings

By default, there’s no a keybaord shortcut keys assigned to launch the Xfdashboard. So, here’s how to assign a keyboard shortcut to easily launch Xfdashboard.

From Applications menu open “Settings –> Keyboard” and select “Application shortcuts” tab.


Click the “+ Add” button to create a new shortcut. and type the command to run Xfdashboard, “xfdashboard”. Then, choose the suitable keyboard shortcut you prefer.

Fedora-22-Xfdashboard-settings-screenshot-2 Fedora-22-Xfdashboard-themes-screenshot-1

Also, you can change some options Xfdashboard and customize it using a pre-loaded themes in the Xfdashboard settings. To open it, Applications menu –> settings –> Xfdashboard Settings.

Also, check the quick guide for Xfdashboard for more information.

Fedora 22 “XFCE” Screenshots Tour

Check Fedora 22 Release Notes.

Download Fedora 22 “XFCE”

Download Page for the Fedora 22 “Workstation” release which comes with GNOME 3 desktop.

Download Page for Fedora 22 “All Spins” including the “XFCE” release.

Download Via Torrent for all release of Fedora including the “XFCE” release.

You can use “Unetbootin” to create a bootable USB for installation.

If you are not familiar with how to create a bootable USB for Fedora to install it. Check the Fedora guide for creating a bootable USB with multiple methods.

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