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A Fully Practical and Neat Panel For Gnome Shell | A Good Replacement for Dash To Dock Extension

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Dash to Dock Gnome Shell extension brought the simplicity of launching applications directly from the transformed Gnome Dash launcher to a simple Dock launcher for Gnome Shell desktop environment. In the other side, we have been looking for a Gnome Shell extension that includes the functionalities of applications launcher integrated with the simple Gnome Shell panel in the same place which will keep the desktop looks simply neat and easier to interact with it.

Dash to Panel Gnome Shell extension brings the function of the Gnome Shell Dash launcher for your favorite applications to the main panel which also includes the system tray with (date and time) and Keyboard layouts as well.


Applications launcher in the panel displays a small customizable indicator of currently running applications and pinned applications to the Gnome Shell Panel.


Some Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Dash to Panel extension and Gnome Shell D.E.

(Super + 0:9) Launches/recalls any application currently pinned or running in the Gnome Shell Panel.
(Super + q) Displays the hotkeys for pinned applications on the Gnome Shell panel.
(Super + s) Displays all currently active application windows.
(Super + a) Displays all applications installed on the system.
(Super + h) Minimizes an active window.
(Alt + F2) Run a Command.

Customizing (Dash To Panel) Gnome Shell Extension

Dash to Panel Gnome Shell extension includes a graphical user interface to easily customize the functions and different aspects in the Panel.


Position and Style Tab

You can change the panel position between the bottom and the top of the screen. Change the panel size and margins between icons. Change the position and the style of the indicator that indicates which applications are running. Last but not least, you can change the position of the clock and date as well.

Behavior Tab

It includes options for showing favorite applications, application icons startup animation, desktop icon and window previews when you hover the mouse cursor over icons. Also, you can switch on/off keyboard shortcuts for applications launching.

Fine-Tune Tab

Various configurations options to the look of Gnome shell panel for font sizes for, status icons padding, switching between applications animation and options for the secondary (left-click) menu.

How To Install Dash to Panel Gnome Shell Extension

Installation for Dash to Panel Gnome Shell extension works on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, Fedora, CentOS and any other Linux distribution compatible Gnome 3.18+. I have tested it on Fedora 26 with GNOME Shell 3.24.3 Desktop environment.

If you have Gnome Shell integration is installed for Firefox or Chrome web browser you could install it directly by using the toggle button on the Dash to Panel Gnome Shell extension page.

Dash to Panel Gnome Shell Extension Page

Or you can follow the manual installation instructions. Open Terminal and clone the extension source with the following command.

git clone

Then browse to the directory include the cloned source and follow the following commands.


make install

After installation, restart Gnome Shell with Alt+F2 and type “r” without quotes and enter to restart Gnome Shell. For Linux distributions which are running “Wayland” you will not be able to restart Gnome shell, it won’t allow that. Simply log out and re-login.

Gnome Shell Extensions location. By default, Gnome Shell Extensions is installed on the following directory (~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/).

(Dash to Panel) Gnome Shell Extension brings several functionalities and simple user interface to the original Gnome Shell Panel. It eases the way you interact with Gnome Shell desktop environment and gives a minimal look for all these functions you used to have in two places, the Gnome panel, and Gnome Dash. It is now available in a single place, thanks to Dash to Panel Gnome Shell extension.

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