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8 Main Enhancements For Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Maverick Meerkat

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If you been testing early releases of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick desktop you will notice that many enhancements and applications added are quite good, and really helpful.

1. New Ubuntu Installer

New Installer Looks really good, first start with choose live session or install Ubuntu directly. Also installations process work while you add your machine informations, username, computer name, password and other options.

Small command line show exactly installed packages. Also you can download and install extra packages if internet connection available.

2. Sound Menu Indicator ” Rhythmbox “

Rhythmbox control buttons added to easily switch between tracks, pause, play, also showing small thumbnail if available and track name.

3. Ubuntu Software Center

Now it looks more organized with different packages departments, featured box, and what’s new box for applications added lately to Ubuntu or different PPAs.

Find It in the menu feature helps you to know where’s the application you just installed.

4. Ubuntu Software center Install Deb Packages

Now when you try to execute any Deb package it will take to you to ubuntu software center to show you a brief informations about this applications and if this application is recommended or not to install in your responsibility.

5. Adding PPA to Ubuntu software Center

When you add any New PPA “personal package archive” to sources list it will be available in Ubuntu Software Center, This is a really great feature helps you to see all packages available at this PPA and easily install applications directly from it without using the command line “Terminal”.

6. Ubuntu One Synchronization Feature

Easily synchronize your bookmark, contacts, files in many directories, broadcast message archive for Gwibber, even more synchronizing options available for Ubuntu one like Tomboy note application and Music synchronizations.

7. Shotwell Photo Manager Instead of F-Spot

Shotwell now take place as a default photo manager, after using it for a while it’s a quite good applications and looks really good. You can easily import all photos from many directories easily. Also including many features to slide show photos, filter and rate them.

8. Mouse Preferences ” Touchpad “

Now support horizontal scrolling with vertical scroll.

Check Full Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick release Notes Here.

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