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7 Free User Guides & Manuals For Ubuntu Distributions

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Ubuntu community where you always find help for your problem with the distribution, and they are very helpful on the Ubuntu Forums, it’s even better with Ubuntu documentation you will find a user guide for each release comes from ubuntu to find a solution for your problem. but here we will list other books available to download and read it online.

1. Ubuntu Manual Project

One of the best manual released this year for ubuntu 10.04 LTS, they released first version before ubuntu 10.04 LTS released, they was still working on it released the final version of this book with final version of ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

This book really worth to read become really handy with beginners and advanced users, fully covering a lot of things on ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Download PDF version from Here

2. Ubuntu Desktop Essentials

Covering many section for customizing and configuring Gnome Desktop ” gdesklets “, best application available for customizations your Ubuntu Desktop with many ways, controlling visual effects using compiz. configuring file manager for nautilus file manager, and even more.

check the Table of content

3. Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

complete guide for Ubuntu installation process, configuration for ubuntu distribution, customizing desktop, getting access to users and files, how to control users administration privileges, understanding command lines and how to use it, software manager and how to secure your operating system.

You can Read it online at Google books From Here. Or download

4. Ubuntu Linux Essentials

Another good guide for installing ubuntu, how to configure it, controlling user privileges, taking administration role on ubuntu. Installing steps using wubi installer, configuring gnome desktop, control wireless network connections, controlling users and groups,  ways to remotely access for your ubuntu distribution from another machine. formating and adding new partitions for ubuntu using disk partition.

check the Table of content

5. Ubuntu Guide 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

A Full guide form A to Z really helpful for beginners and advanced users. covering everything for installation, packages recommended to install on ubuntu distribution and configuration for different window manager.

Check The full Guide Here

6. Documentation for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Basic guide for what’s new on ubuntu 10.04 LTS and quick guide for how to use it, also including advanced topics for administration privileges and servers.

Check The Table of Content

7. Ubuntu Server Guide For 10.04 LTS

Fully configuring Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server, installation for important packages for ubuntu 10.04 LTS server, virtualization, and configuring virtual private network VPN, mail customization and filtering. Configuring DNS and fully customize ubuntu 10.04 LTS server.

Check the Table of content , And Downlod Ubuntu server guide in PDF file

With these resources and Books you will find a lot of help and information will really help you to easily use Ubuntu distributions.

That’s it for Now.

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