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7 Dock Applications For Linux Desktops

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Dock applications is really cool way to get quicker access to your installed applications, directories, or files, it’s fully customized with different desktop and window managers. you will find a lot of docks available to use with different features for extra plugins, docks applets, and themes. here will list 7 of the best docks available so far for linux desktops.

1. Avant Window Navigator Dock ” AWN “

it’s my favorite dock usually using, has a lot of features for adding extra applets, launchers, plugins, themes, we already submitted a top ten themes for AWN dock here in this link

To install AWN dock check the installation guide for different distributions and different window managers Here

Also check the extra plugins, default themes and applets available for awn dock Here

2. Gnome Do Docky Dock.

Docky is really cool dock doing same functions for running application, files, directories, and even more cool functions, for searching for specific files, or folders, and cool simple launcher.

check the full features Here and installation guide for different distributions and window managers for gnome Do and docky From Here

3. Cairo Dock

working in two looks for openGL fully customized with many features specially with last version release 2.1.3, and other one without openGL.

More cairo Dock screenshot Here

check Full features and Download options for Cairo Dock Here

4. Wbar Dock

Simple dock and really lightweight you will find Download options and more informations for it Here

check Here for more screenshots

5. SimDock

Simple Dock bar don’t required compiz or 3d acceleration written on C++

more simdock screenshots

check the Download options for simdock and more information Here

6. KoolDock

KoolDock Required KDE desktop, check Here for more informations and Download Options

7. KDocker Dock

simple dock integrated to system try panel working for many desktops and window managers. supporting drag and drop.

check the full features and Download options For Kdocker

That’s it for now.

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