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6 Things I like about Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

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With the new release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS many changes comes up, using it for 3 days so far and it’s working great, even after I installed many applications still working great, really nice looking themes with it ” Radiance and Ambiance “.

so here are things I like about Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

1. Nautilus upgrade comes with Gnome 2.30

that help you to split your windows. using extra pane to activate it press F3 or go to view and choose extra pane.

The good thing about it you use it to easily move or copy files and folder form pane to other.

2. Social Drop down menu

a quick access to change your empathy or Pidgin status, also access your empathy accounts, Gwibber accounts and ubuntu one.

also you update your twitter, facebook, or any other social media by typing there any thing there it will be automatically updated by Gwibber to you active accounts there.

3. Gwibber Social broadcast messages

you connect to your social websites easily using Gwibber such as Facebook, Twitter,, Flickr, Digg, Feedfriend,….

I had a lot of problem with in ubuntu 10.04 beta 1, but now it working great. I love it.

4. Ubuntu one Music Store

Ubuntu one Music store integrated with Rhythmbox, really cool you can listen and download music using it.

5. Themes and background

” Radiance and Ambiance ” new themes comes with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, both of them looks really good. comes with a really cool wallpapers collection. this link for who want to download ubuntu 10.04 LTS wallpaper.

6. Booting time and ext4 performance

Really awesome booting time, even after I installed many applications still booting time is great. processing time for many applications is quick. installed on ext4 formate partition. I used to use ext3 on ubuntu 9.10. but with this release ext4 performing really well.

That’s it for now. enjoy Ubuntu 10.04 LTS it’s for HUmans 🙂

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