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6 Multimedia Applications for Maemo 5

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Maemo 5 is open source operating system, this platform working on many devices such as Nokia 770 internet Tablet, N800, N810 internet tablet, and Nokia N900. Maemo platform developed by Nokia depending on my linux Kernel, Gnome, Denbian, …..

Maemo platform developed really quickly, with maemo 3 release webcam and VOIP using Wireless LAN supported, then with Meamo 4 developed the Mozilla technology based on internet web browser, finger touch-UI, full QWERTY keypad, google talk supported, and GPS on board. And finally with the last release Meamo 5 supporting redesigned finger-touch UI, cellular phones. and supporting live multitasking on the dashboard. such installing full Debian operating system on the Nokia N900 working in the same time with Maemo 5 by multitasking.

anyway guys, Here is the list of multimedia applications tested on Maemo 5:

Jamaendo Player V0.2.5-2

This application is a streaming media player that plays music from

Jamendo is a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses.


MediaBox Media Center V2010.01.05

Media Center for Nokia Internet Tablets

MediaBox Media Center was built to handle large collections of media and lets you browse and play your music and videos and show your photos either from your memory cards, or remotely over the network via UPnP/DLNA.


Recorder V0.3.4

Voice Recorder, A simple graphical utility for recording audio from microphone.


Vagalume V0.8.3-1fremantle2

Client for radio services

Vagalume is a client designed for the GNOME desktop environment. It’s small and provides the basic features, such as scrobbling, tags, recommendations, etc.

Note that the terms of use don’t allow streaming music to mobile phones, so you are not allowed to use in a Nokia N900


Knots 2 V0.2.8-5

Stream media from your desktop computer

Access your media collection automatically from anywhere. Stream high quality video through wlan or lower quality video through 3G. Requires additional software for your desktop computer. Please see for instructions. Supported operating systems: – Windows XP/Vista/7 – OS X 10.5 Leopard or newer – Linux – FreeBSD


Extra Decoders Support V0.3.4-1

Support for additional video and audio decoders in the Media Player

Uses GStreamer decoders and tracker mimetype registering tool * AC-3 audio in video files support * Vorbis OGG and FLAC support (via ogg-support) * Musepack support * Flash video support * RealMedia formats support * Matroska container support (most video formats used for Matroska unsupported!) * MPEG2 Transport Stream support

Video resolution over 848×480 pixels is still unsupported!


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