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5 Ways To Fix Window Decorations – Visual Effect

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GTK Window decorations is gone, Emerald window decorations is gone, compiz visual effects not working, Title bar is gone along with “close, minimize, maximize” buttons. Many of you guys maybe had to faced these problems before, usually happen when visual effect is active using compiz. so here i will show you how to easily fix these problems.

1. Install Compiz Fusion Icon

If you already installed compiz configuration settings manager this tool will become really handy to easily to change window decorations between different type if you are using GTK window manager or Emerald window decorations.

Reloading window manager option this will do the trick. Also you are able to choose between different window manager if you already have multiple window managers.

Reload metacity incase you have problems with window manager by using this

Alt + F2

metacity --replace

2. Reload Window GTK window Decorations

Run application dialog using Alt + F2 keys

Then type

gtk-window-decorator --replace

This will replace GTK window Decoration only.

3. Reload Compiz visual effect

is as same as using compiz fusion icon in case you don’t have compiz fusion icon.

Run application dialog using Alt + F2 keys

then type

compiz --replace

This will reload all compiz configurations.

4. Activate Window Decoration

Make sure you activated window decoration on compiz configurations.

5. Emerald Window Decorations

In case you are using Emerald window decoration. This command will reload emerald window decoration only

Run application dialog using Alt + F2 keys

emerald --replace

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