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5 Things You Have To Know About dpkg Package Manager

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What is dpkg ?

it’s a package manager for Debian system, and working on other distributions built from Debian system. Used for installing and Removing packages on you system. as same as using synaptic package manager on Ubuntu, but the difference that dpkg using for individual package without installing extra dependencies for this package.

so let’s open Terminal and see what we have here

1. Listing all installed packages on your system

dpkg -l 

2. show installed packages for a specific Applications

for example will check installed packages for FatRat download manager, open terminal and type

dpkg -l | grep fatrat

Here is the output

[email protected]:~$ dpkg -l | grep fatrat

ii  fatrat                                    1.1.1-5                                         multi-protocol download manager, feature ric

ii  fatrat-data                               1.1.1-5                                         data files for fatrat

you can replace fatrat with any other application name.

3. show installed files for specific package.

will use fatrat in this example too. go to terminal and type

 dpkg -L fatrat 

it will show a list for installed file for fatrat.

4. If you want to know which package installed any file located on your system

For example i need to know which package installed this file ” chatIncoming.wav ” which located in this directories /usr/share/skype/sounds/

dpkg -S /usr/share/skype/sounds/ChatIncoming.wav

This will be the output

[email protected]-lu:~$ dpkg -S /usr/share/skype/sounds/ChatIncoming.wav

skype: /usr/share/skype/sounds/ChatIncoming.wav

show skype package name that installed this file before the colon.
5. Installing and uninstalling Deb packages we already showed you how to do it in this post

That’s it for Now.

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