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5 Things I Like About Opera 10.60 ” Pros – Cons “

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I am not really big fan of Opera web browser for PC, usually used opera on mobile devices and really love it. but the new release Opera 10.60 comes with many new features foe easily use and customize the look of installed Opera version.

Download Opera 10.60 – pick appropriate package version for your distribution.

1. Visual Tab Menu – Cascade Mode

Simply Drag down the tab menu to easily show small thumbnail for each tab already working. also show thumbnails without enlarging the tab menu you can move the cursor to any tab will show you small thumbnail for it.

Tile mode preferred for me to easily make quick comparison between two web page or more. you will find other options for showing tabs on horizontal, vertical tile mode and cascade mode.

2. Speed Dial

customized Speed dials with background and you can add till 25 speed dial.

3. Synchronize Option

fully synchronize with other installed opera version on other machines and and mobile phones with opera browsers. Also called Opera link.

4. Skins for opera

you will find a really good opera skins collections Here

5. Opera 10.60 become faster

For me it’s quite fast than old versions of opera web browser on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Pros And Cons

For me Opera 10.60 best opera web browser i used so far, and things listed up there are the main pros i noticed on Opera 10.60

Cons: i didn’t like the speed dials a lot cause it’s limited to 25 speed dial max, i usually use more than 25 speed dials on other web browsers like firefox and Google Chrome.

Enjoy it, That’s it for NOW

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