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5 Recommended things to do before upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

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After you installed the new version, you maybe will say ” damn where is my bookmark !!!!? ” you forget it with old version usually happen  🙁

so, Before upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS which will release on April 29, their are 5 things recommended to do with the distribution you already have. whatever is the distributions is ubuntu 9.10, older versions, or other distribution.

1. Bookmark ” Favorite ” Backup

Most users using Firefox web browser, Google Chrome, Chromium ” based web browser on chrome ” , Opera, …

go to bookmarks then organize bookmarks then you will find export bookmarks. I recommend to export it as HTML file, to easily use it on any other web browser.

also you can export addons if you want. this applications is recommend to backup addons ” FEBE

Go to tools, then bookmark manager, then press export it will export it as HTML .

Go to Bookmark, then book mark manager, export it as well.

2. Evolution mail, Thunderbird Backup

If you want to keep your saved messages, you can easily backing it up. go to file, then backup options it will back all messages on archiving file I believe it tar.gz

3. Backup installed packages, and specific file on file system directory.

Many file you may be forget for your webcam, documents files, multimedia files, ….

Many applications used to backup files or packages on ubuntu, Timevault or Unison.

4. Backup Compiz Fusion

If you are using Compiz fusion make sure you backed up your compiz fusion profile, to easily get same look next time you are going to use compiz.

5. Time to destroy Ubuntu

install any package you didn’t want to try it with this version just for fun. install extra compiz fusion plugin till message comes up telling you ” you have serious kernal error you have to restart ” 😀  , share with us what you will do with your own release before installing the new release.


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