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5 Docky Themes | Go Docky | Dark And Bright Themes

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Here are a new docky themes collection are quite good for many users who prefer using bright or dark backgrounds, most of these themes working on 3D mode, 2D mode and panel mode. Also you can check a previous post add for 10 Docky themes added earlier Here.

How to install Docky themes

Extract Themes in this path ” /usr/share/docky/themes ” or ” ~/.local/share/docky/themes ”

if you don’t have a theme folder add one.

[note]you will need administration privilege[/note]

1. TRON Legacy Docky Theme

Docky theme for Tron legacy movie. check more information in the theme’s link for for more informations.

Download TRON Legacy Docky Theme

2. Deep Docky Theme

Dark background support 2D mode, 3D mode and panel mode.

Download Deep Docky Theme

3. Smoothy Docky Theme

Download Smoothy Docky theme

4. Smudgy for Docky Theme

Download Smudgy for Docky theme

5. Docky’n’Shiki-Brave Theme

Download Docky’n’Shiki-Brave theme

Check deviantart and eyecandy’s website for more also stay tuned here for more, enjoy.

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