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2 Gnome Shell Extensions to Remove Windows Title Bar for Gnome Shell Desktop

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Getting Rid of Title bars ALWAYS a Good Idea and save some space on your screen especially for users with small screen resolution and increase the visibility of contents on currently opened windows in full-screen mode. By Removing Windows Title Bar and (Close, Minimize, and Maximize) buttons will be moved to Gnome Shell Panel.


(No Title Bar) and (Pixel Saver) Gnome Shell Extensions Removes the Windows Title Bars along with (Close, Minimize, and Maximize) Buttons and moves them to Gnome Shell Panel. It’s really convenient especially for applications comes with a separate Title Bars and decoration buttons instead of merging them with the application WIndow as we have seen with some applications like Nautilus File manager. The Modern Header Bar of Nautilus File manager under GTK3 (Window management) includes the decorations buttons, search buttons, icons viewing options, ….. etc. which gives Nautilus file manager a compact looking regardless it’s in full-screen mode or not.

Both Gnome Shell Extension does the same job. (No Title Bar) comes with a Graphical user interface to apply some modifications for the Window control button position, choosing whether to view the Application Menu Name or the Window Name.

Install (No Title Bar) Or (Pixel Saver) Gnome Shell Extensions

(Pixel Saver) and (No Title Bar) Gnome Shell Extensions depends on XOrg’s utilities. Unfortunately, both Gnome Shell Extensions won’t work with native applications built under Wayland. However, Applications with normal Title Bars which are built using GTK3 or Mutter will work even with Wayland underneath, if you have the required dependencies of XOrg.

If you have Gnome Shell integration is installed for Firefox or Chrome web browser you could install any of these extensions directly by using the toggle button on Gnome Shell Extension page.

No Title Bar Gnome Shell Extension page

Pixel Saver Gnome Shell Extension Page

Manually Install (No Title Bar) Or (Pixel Saver) Gnome Shell Extensions

Gnome Shell Extensions are installed in the following location, (~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions). GitHub pages for (No Title Bar) and (Pixel Saver) includes installation instructions from the source.

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