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12 Linux System administration : Guides , PDF , Documents and Cheats

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Linux System administrators always check back for references , guides and Cheat sheets , as they are very powerful helpers and quick shortcut references  especially when then the work in progress , but also the system administration students needs to get to know those resources as important source for their education  , so in this post i collected many resources for system administrators , and linux system administration students as  quick post reference .

Guides :

1-SAG : System Admin Guide :
Its a guide for system admins and a part of LDP ( Linux Documentation Project – link -)  by Lars Wirzenius , Joanna Oja , Stephen Stafford and Alex Weeks , you can browse , read itonline or download a PDF version . Its very well classified and short in the point guide for biggners . I also recommend you to visit   Linux Documentation Project Guides ( link )  . and check out for more .

2-Linux System Administration : – PDF
is a course module by , which is very simple , with easy sections and in the point tips and guide . it also with excersises at the ending of every chapter . its very useful for startup .

3-LINUX Admin Quick Reference – PDF -:
Is a very handy reference in 5 pages PDF file , contains that kind of information you print and put it in your wall . as its title suggest : Quick reference  its very useful to keep a reference especially at the startup and first stage in your self learning progress . beginners will need it in their study process . ( Chea tsheet )

4-Debian Reference – link -:
an outstanding reference if you are going through Debian and Debian based distros , its free for use and download , available in many formats ( HTML , PDF ,TXT and PS ) .its Multi-lingual as well translated to many languages other than English : French , Italian , German , Spanish , Portuguese , Polish , Chinese ( Traditional ) , Chinese ( Simplified ) , Japanese , Russian and Finnish  .

Debian reference comes in 2 modules : full length document and short document .

5-linux system Linux Cheat Sheet  – link -:
Its by EZ Linux admin , its kinda short post but its very useful . you may check their other cheat sheets .

6-Top 10 Best Cheat Sheets and Tutorials for Linux / UNIX Commands – link – :
It is an outstanding blog post to enlist and compare between Linux/Unix Commands Cheat Sheets .

7-Linux-Unix cheat sheets – The ultimate collection – link
Its an outstanding collection to cheat sheets regarding distros , operations as package management , commands , networking ……

8-System Administrator Interview Cheat Sheet – link – :
This is kinda a guide or a map for collection of tutorials , articles , tips , tricks and how to . its by , there is also part II , you can find in here . Its good job regarding the effort and organization . ( i hope there is PDF version , cause its hard to keep on black background site ) .

9-Linux System Administration Tutorial :
Those tutorials by Developerworks to prepare you for the Linux Professional Institute’s 102 exam. you will learn how to compile programs from sources, how to manage shared libraries, and how to use the Red Hat and Debian package management systems. You can also build your skills in fundamental Linux tasks through advanced admin .
1-Linux fundamentals, 2-Basic administration ,3-Intermediate administration ,  4-Advanced administration .

10-Linux Administration Made Easy  – link – PDF – :
Small guide by tldp .

11-Introduction to Basic Unix System Administration – link – :
I believe linux admins should keep in mind that UNIX is UNIX . so This introduction is needed , and its very helpful .

Linux Network Administration :

1-The Linux Network Administrator’s Guide – link – :
Its also by tldp ( The linux Documentation Project ) , and a quite member of their guides family . Its also in PDF format and tarred version .

Extra :

  • Ubuntu System Admin – link -: at Ubuntu`s Community Wiki
  • Debian System Admin Portal : Tips and resources – link – .
  • : System Admin news , tips , tutorials – link .
  • : Unix system admin portal – link .
  • : Linux Admin information provider – link .
  • : providing support for debian users – link .
  • : Tutorials , Tips , How to , News , Resources – link .
  • : Tips , Tutorials and Resources – link .
  • – link .

Well there is always space for more , but this is what i mean for people who want to start-up on their own , if you found more guides , cheat sheets , or tutorials for system administration  drop it in here as a comment .

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