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10 Alternative Applications for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator In Linux #1

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Starting a new application series will show you many alternative applications for Microsoft windows in Linux platform. For example today I will try to find many possible applications to be alternative for Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator work In Linux Platform.

I started this kind of posts to specially help beginner Linux users to know more about windows alternative applications in Linux, also to know that many Linux applications can get the job done in professional way.

[note]If you have any suggestions for next Windows application you want an alternative application for it. Please inform me in comment or any possible way.[/note]

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Alternative applications In Linux

1. Gimp

One of the most popular raster graphics editor, graphical user interface looks similar to Adobe photoshop. Upcoming release will be available with single window mode and customized as you wish. ” Closer Look on Gimp 2.7 – Gimp 2.8 “.

Gimp website

2. Inkscape

Is vector graphics editor not similar to Illustrator but support many common images file types. Also is great application for web development cause it’s fully compliant with XML, SVG, and CSS standers.

Inkscape website

3. DigiKam

Is advanced image organizer also including image editor for KDE desktop.

DigiKam website

4. Krita

KDE Image editor based Koffice libraries, released at the first time as a part of Koffice Kit.

Krita website

5. KolourPaint

Is raster image editor for KDE, similar to the default image editor.

KolourPaint website

6. Pinta

Simple GTK+ raster image editor, works on multi platform.

Pinta website

7. Sketsa

Is SVG “scalable vector graphics “editor, including many features for editing SVG source code, and exporting projects to PDF, JPEG, and PNG.

Sketsa website

8. Sketch

Also a vector drawing application, supporting many raster image files “PNG, JPEG, GIF,…”.

Sketch website

9. SodiPodi

Vector graphics editor application.

SodiPodi website

10. Pixel Image editor

Advanced Image editor Similar to Photoshop and Gimp.

Pixel website

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