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10 Advanced Plugins | Features To gedit Text Editor

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gedit is a text editor comes with most linux distribution using Gnome desktop environment. We will check some additional plugins and features for gedit will make it easier to use as a simple text editor or another advanced highlight modes of writing. Few gedit plugins are pre-installed by default, also we had a look at how to install extra plugins for gedit on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick and Fedora 14 Laughlin in this post.

10 advanced plugins and features to gedit

1. Toggle Bookmark

A great way to easily navigate your previously bookmarked lines in any document to easily get back to these lines when need, you can bookmark a multiple lines and switch between them using shortcuts.

  • Bookmark a line ” Ctrl+Alt+B “
  • Go to previous Bookmark ” Shift+Ctrl+B “
  • Go to next Bookmark ” Ctrl+B “

2. Word Completion

Auto recognize your previously typed words in current document and auto complete these words next time you type it.

3. Comment Code

Comment multiple or single line with with a hashtag at the beginning can be used for many purposes like deactivating a specific line of code.

Comment Code shortcuts:

    • Comment code ” Ctrl+M “
    • Uncomment Code ” Ctrl+Shift+M “

4. Color Picker

A quick way to pick a color and add it to a text document as a hexadecimal representation value.

Open Color Picker: Under Tools drop down menu.

5. Snippets

Easily insert often used pieces of codes to documents. for example I want to add the doctype of HTML 4.01, i will simply go to snippets manager and choose it from there. Also you can add more piece of codes if usually use it a lot.

6. Highlight Matching Bracket

e.g if you are navigating non organized CSS file and you want to know where are the opening and the closing brackets for a specific id selector, just click on visible bracket for you and it will auto highlight the other one.

To activate it: open gedit preferences under view tab you will find bracket matching.

7. Highlight Current Line

Helps to focus on the line you already typing by changing line background color.

8. Bottom Pane

Integrate embedded terminal, shell output and python console to the bottom of gedit window.

9. Insert Time and Date

This plugin comes really handy in many ways, if you are working on time line and you want to know exactly when you wrote this part of this document.

To choose between different time and date format from edit drop down menu.

10. Multi Edit

This plugin suppose to edit multiple text files in different places at the same time, it will be really helpful, but still can’t figure out how to use it. If you have any idea how to use this plugin, please inform me. ” Multi-Edit plugin explanation Here. ” Thanks to Frolic.

Some more

11. Document Static

Informations about current running document file like how many characters, how many words, how many lines, and what’s the size of this file in bytes.

To run it: select it from Tools drop down menu.

12. Session Saver

Save currently running tabs on gedit text editor, also you can manage saved sessions using session manager on file drop down menu.

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