Remote Control Transmission BitTorrent Client Using your Android Phone

Transmission is one of the best and simple Bittorrent client available for Linux and MAC OS X. It support the basic functions with any BitTorrent client along with ability to control Transmission using web interface and through a third-party application which we will see down below.

Remote Transmission is a free Android application allows you to control multi Transmission servers through your Android device. It comes with quite clean and simple user interface, it support adding torrents to servers, resume/pause torrents, limit the Download/Upload speeds, change the priority for torrent files, set a limit for seeding ratio. Also it support adding multiple accounts for Transmission servers.

[How To]: Setup Remote Transmission

First, you will need to activate the “web client”. Open Preferences from the Edit drop down menu, then select the “Web” tab and Enable web client.

Enable web client for transmission bittorrent client

Second, Check “use Authentication” and add a suitable “Username” and “Passowrd”, Also, you can allow specific IPs to connect to your Transmission server. This step is¬†recommended which will increase the security and make sure that everything is private and safe.

Third, Install “Remote Transmission” application in your Android device through Google Play in this Link.

Fourth, it’s time to setup the Remote transmission with the Transmission server.


After installing the application, run the application and add the server parameters. “Account name”, Host “IP address”, Port ” the same port you have in your transmission server. Also, if you have activated the¬†authentication, you will need to add the username and password.


Congratulation, you are all set and you have an access to your transmission client using your Android device.

Works on Android 2.2+

In my opinion this is a really good application and saves a lot time for me, and it works over WIFI and Mobile data. So, give it a try!

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