[How to]: Auto-Shutdown The Computer using a Gnome Shell Extension

Many Linux users prefers using the command line to schedule shutdown the computer, while, other users would prefer using a graphical user interface to do so, and here’s an extension for Gnome shell user interface will help you to easily set a time for auto-shutdown the computer.

No more waking up to ending credits of the excelent movie you started watching last night because Shutdown Timer lets you schedule the shutdown of your computer in a few clicks.


The extension provides an option to force shutdown even if running documents unsaved.

[How To]: Install Shutdown Timer extension for Gnome Shell

You can simply install and activate it using the switch key on the extension’s web page Here. Or, you can use the installation instructions down below.

Download the ZIP archive for the extension from GitHub.

Extract the archive file using this command.

unzip gnome-shell-shutdowntimer-master.zip

Then, browse to the extension directory “shutdowntimer@lusk.cz” and move it to the Gnome Shell extensions directory “~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions” using this command.

mv shutdowntimer@lusk.cz ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions

Finally, restart Gnome Shell user interface using the run command prompt “Alt+F2” and type “r” without quotes.

If you would like to Disable/Enable extensions, try to use “Gnome Tweak Tool”. To install it for:


sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool


yum install gnome-tweak-tool

Arch Linux

pacman -S gnome-tweak-tool

This extension has been tested on Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail running GNOME Shell

Shutdown Timer Gnome Shell Extension “.

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